A little about me

and why I love real estate

I am all about living life as fully as possible. It is about traveling to places far and near, making and eating wonderful food, seeing that new movie or being enthralled by live theatre. It is about hopping on the motorcycle or bicycle and exploring a new road, or cycling a charity event. It is about sharing those experiences with family and friends. It is about giving back.

Not only do I love to explore the world but I love exploring the area where I live. You might just see me pedaling furiously around some of the local roads or enjoying a meal at an out of the way or not so out of the way restaurant. Ask me and I’ll gladly share my take on local things to do, see and of course eat!

The same energy that drives me to live life to the fullest also drives me to give my utmost for my clients. With over 20 years in multi-family housing management I bring considerable knowledge of construction and renovation to the sales side. I will help my buyers find the dream home they can afford and I will help my sellers market and sell their home for the best price.