The Entourage Elite Seller Experience

The Way Entourage Elite Marketing Agents Treat Their Seller’s is on an Entirely Different Level.

Higher Standards

Entourage has certain standards that are mandatory for every listing being marketed. We use professional, in-house videographers and photographers that present Hollywood-like films and images to showcase the home in a way, which, until now, has been reserved for only multimillion dollar properties with extremely high marketing budgets. Entourage has a drone with HD video camera capabilities for homes that demand aerial marketing as well. Entourage brings these technologies to the masses.

Social Media

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, it’s because they don’t know how to harness it correctly. Entourage’s founders have been on the forefront of social media for REALTORS® since it’s inception. We understand the massive significance social media plays in today’s society and will play in decades to come. With this in mind, Entourage posts their listings on multiple social media platforms; many designed to organically distribute the content across hundreds and thousands of potential buyers’ online devices.

Home Search Site Placement

Is there anything that a sellers want more than massive amounts of exposure to the most qualified buyers out there? We have that access. Entourage has secured top website placement throughout the entire Greater Philadelphia area with its advanced home search site. What does this mean? It means that every single buyer searching online will see our listings for sale before any others. Our inside sales reps than pairup your listing with the perfect buyers, and then we slyly follow that lead around the internet, reminding them that your home is the perfect one for them!

The BEST Agents

We ensure no bad agents… no average agents… not even “good” agents. Entourage only engages select agents who are qualified to live up to the high standards of performance that the Entourage business model demands. Entourage is selective in its hiring process. Most brokerages will give a desk to any agent off the street, as long as they are licensed. To be an agent at Entourage you must go through an in-depth selection process. Only the most qualified… with superior presentational, people, and sales skills are hired.

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We assure our agents are always learning and studying the market. We teach them the latest in marketing technologies, up-to-the minute real estate law and procedures, local industry trends, and, most importantly, how to deliver the ultimate in client satisfaction.
Our agents are not only in it for the money.  We assure they are driven to be successful and strive to provide only exceptional service to our their clients.
Our agents are proactive and dedicated to making the customer happy.
Our agents study the market and continue their education daily.
Our agents are realistic and readily available to you.
Our agents take the time to clearly explain the Entourage sales philosophy and mutual buyer agent objectives.