Entourage Elite Takes on New Jersey with Tons of Buzz!

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Entourage Elite: Cherry Hill


Larry Steinberg had never heard of Entourage Elite Real Estate when its advertisement first appeared on his Facebook feed. In fact, it was only because a few of his friends on the social media site had liked the Conshohocken agency’s page that it appeared at all. Curiosity got the best of the 30-year industry veteran, however, and it was his decision to click on the advertisement that lead him to where he is today—operating as manager of the agency’s newest location in Cherry Hill.

“I fell in love with [founders] Bobby Daddis and Shawn Tammaro as soon as I met with them,” Steinberg says. “They truly care about their agent’s success, and you don’t see that anymore.”

Daddis and Tammaro’s commitment to their agents is not the only facet of their busi- ness philosophy that sets their agency apart. They are also hugely committed to their clients, and the fact that Steinberg found Entourage Elite on Facebook is a huge part of why, after working for larger agencies, they decided to open their own, says Tammaro.

“Bobby and I worked at a [larger agency] previously and what happens with a lot of real estate companies out there, especially the bigger ones, is that there is a lack of connection with the agents and the end user clients, or the people actually buying and selling,” he says. “Also, the pace at which technology was being implemented into the bigger brokerages was so slow.  We saw a lot of opportunity to do the things they’re doing and doing them better by utilizing the latest technologies with a simplistic, no nonsense approach.”

Marketing plays a significant role in the success at Entourage Elite, thanks to the concepts implemented by Daddis, a sales and marketing expert. Beginning with the agents and rolling into the listed properties, the presence of each piece of the real estate process is finely tuned.

“We market our agents,” notes Tammaro. “One of the things that Bobby does is he goes over each agent’s internet presence and the things they can do to interest people. No other office is doing that.”

The Cherry Hill location of Entourage Elite is just a stepping stone for the agency and its visionaries aim to continue to broaden its breadth of service area.

“Cherry Hill is our first of hopefully many satellite branches,” Daddis says. “But we’re not just going to open up anywhere without knowing we have the right team in place, and Larry has done that for us. His energy is contagious. [This partnership] has worked out so well for us, especially with all his years and years of experience.”

Regardless of what experience you may have in real estate—if you’re a seasoned agent or a first-time home-buyer— from the moment you’re first introduced to Entourage Elite, the difference from other agencies is apparent. Whether you first visit the informative, appealing web site, or you find yourself engaged by one of its new-age marketing strategies, Entourage Elite truly offers a renewed way to look at real estate.

If you think what Entourage Elite is doing is different, you’re right, and that’s exactly what its visionaries are hoping for. But it’s not just about making a name in the business by being ahead of the game in technology or offering services other agencies may not. What it really comes down to is simply getting back to the root of where it all begins—the people.

“We care about the people and what we’re doing,” says Steinberg. “We want great agents to go give great service to great clients and that’s really what matters.”■

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