LOVE: A Foundation

A Brief History of Entourage Elite Real Estate

When the President of the Montgomery County Association of REALTORS®, Shawn Tammaro, and Psychology of Sales and Marketing Expert, Bobby Daddis, conjoined their nearly identical ideals to form Entourage Elite Real Estate in December of 2013, they had two objectives in mind. The first was to tear down and ultimately resurrect the broken, traditional real estate business model and the second was to base the construction of their new model for the benefit of the people first, not the money.

Fresh out of Penn State, Shawn jumped head first into the family real estate business, starting in sales and taking the express lane to high-level brokerage management, association leadership positions, as well as becoming a highly sought after and locally respected builder on the Main Line. “Throughout my entire career, I felt I was the only one plagued by continuously nagging, core ethical issues within the real estate industry, most of which could be contributed to greed from the top down at the cost of even remotely acceptable and equal services to those who keep the industry alive… the people of the communities – those doing the buying and selling,” Shawn mentioned last year at an association speech. After mentoring Bobby Daddis through a meteoric rise through the sales sector, one thing was clear, Bobby’s success wasn’t solely due to his expertise in marketing & sales psychology, but having the same, “karmatic” based approach to real estate that was innate to Shawn and had been since he got in the game.

Entourage Elite Real Estate went from concept to operational in a matter of a few months and, as the doors flew open, the founders’ “build it and they will come,” approach proved successful beyond even their high expectations. In fact, they were inundated. Within 18 months, Entourage Elite was up to 30 agents, and with no one going anywhere. Being the only selective brokerage in the region, and highly selective at that, there were time periods in which they would interview 15-20 agents before they selected another to join the ranks of the Elite. Being this steadfast
in your desires to choose only the best agents ensures they share the Entourage Elite vision and philosophy. “We only hire “good” people… givers who are loyal, honest and won’t be satisfied unless their clients are too.

“It’s crazy when you think about it,” says Daddis. “If we were any other big box brokerage recklessly hiring any newly licensed agent who walks off the street with absolutely zero regards to the service the agent can provide to their ACTUAL clients, not the mortgage and title companies, we would have over 100 agents solid in our one Suburban office. We have been so fortunate; we have never had to spend a day recruiting like every other brokerage. Agents swarmed us from all over the Delaware Valley, desperate to offer the same superior level of real estate marketing and services we are adamant be supplied by our agents. It’s been awesome to see we filled that void for so many agents; those that desired to put the client first.”

Since Entourage Elites inception, the more we used the Brokerage for charitable purposes and successful fundraising, both public and privately undertaken, the quicker the brokerage grew. This fortified their belief that a business model based on the very fundamental act of caring more about others is destined for much, much more.

We felt obligated to Pinpoint the area most in need of our skill set and implement a first-of-it’s-kind Real Estate Lounge and Community Education Center

Entourage Elite Co-founder Bobby Daddis moved back to the city from the suburbs in October determined to make a difference in Point Breeze. “I was watching as some outside elements came into the neighborhood utilizing a shockingly poor approach towards, what should be, a mutually beneficial gentrification process for both new and lifelong residents alike. It was hard to watch the way it was going down when it should not and does not have to be that way. It is evident that those who come in with the experience and determination were capable of taking advantage of those residents who lack real Estate knowledge were doing just that. The residents need the education to give them the ammo to make informed decisions when it comes to the future of their and their family’s homes and properties. Coming in and taking over control of a community without regard to its lifelong residents showcases an arrogance and entitlement that is unacceptable in the City of Brotherly Love. In my first few weeks here, I was out to lunch with a
couple of super genuine, amazing residents whose wife and himself were local law enforcement for almost two decades, serving my new Point Breeze neighborhood. They had five plots of land they had inherited right around the corner from my new place, of which I knew the potential and desirability to an outside investor or builder. As I left the table, he spoke of the properties and the offer he had been given and accepted the day before. After hearing the number he accepted, and him telling me about not knowing what else to do, as he didn’t have the knowledge, I told myself I won’t be a day late ever again. Honestly, the coolest part of that moment? When we parted ways, he said he wasn’t one bit unhappy with the outcome, as he is blessed with his family, of which, I had become a part of that day. He was darn right, and, without a doubt, they a part of mine. I ask you… Where else do you hear such a highly positive outlook on life? I found it in one of those who had lived and breathed “Point Breeze” way before the money came.

Having spent countless hours, Bobby and Shawn have designed a program based on The Entourage Elite Real Estate Lounge & Community Education Center, which will empower the locals in the community through broadening their knowledge of the multiple facets of Real Estate and other associated industries. We’re offering hands-on training from the basics of real estate terminology and understanding of community-specific events that are affecting the locals, to in-depth sales and marketing techniques, from the hands-on home construction, even mentorships and training in construction and project management. Entourage Elite intends to educate and then turn this education into careers for those who so desire, all the while mentoring and supporting them through their journey. Residents will know they have approachable and readily available professionals, who want nothing more than to help, at their fingertips. Here residents can simply set an appointment and feel comfortable they are getting unbiased and free consultations.

Entourage will begin with a comprehensive social media and press campaign as soon as the parcels desired are granted. Obvious inclusions will be a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Website where locals will be able to ask questions, get answers, utilize resources, learn about the upcoming training and events, and schedule free consultations. Entourage intends to advertise the community center and leverage their superior marketing and publicity capabilities to instill a community-wide “buzz” leading to an incredible launch upon the facility’s opening. We intend for this to rank up there with the best of the best milestones that have occurred in the last decade in Point Breeze.

Entourage Elite Real Estate College Scholarship & Job Placement Program

On top of educating the community as a whole, those residents who show a true desire to further their career in real estate and commit themselves to giving back will be accepted into the Entourage Elite Real Estate Scholarship Program, which takes care of ensuring the students take and pass their state and national exams with no financial obligation, followed by job placement as a licensed REALTOR® with Entourage Elite Real Estate in either it’s Conshohocken or Point Breeze location. The intention is to have as many as eight new agents go through the program annually at minimum, in effect, allowing the Point Breeze residents the opportunity to hire another long-term resident who has been trained by the best in the industry and can now proudly represent their fellow citizens.

Live to give via Entourage Elite’s “” Nonprofit Organization

Beyond Entourage Elite’s plans to become a staple in the community via education, community outreach, events, building equalization and a heavy focus on lower income housing, Bobby and Shawn are anxious to get multiple fundraising and charitable plans into motion. Examples include local school and student support via contests in which the students of the local schools use their artistic skills to design the Entourage Elite LOVES Philly Organization Logo, which will be used on T-Shirts sold by the school students. The winner, chosen online by the community, will receive a substantial scholarship, with 2nd, and 3rd prizes given out as well. All the students will have the ability to sell as many shirts with the logo as they can, with all funds from the shirt sales going back to the students themselves, the schools, the programs, the teachers and the facilities. Fundraisers of a similar variety are planned for the choosing of an Entourage Elite Real Estate donated park or building mural – again, created by the people of the community with the winner being chosen
by them. Entourage Elite plans to have a substantial, positive impact on local parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities to further their rejuvenation of the area, as well as donating lessons in the arts, sports, music, etc. to those who use the recreational facilities to keep the community coming back and taking pride in the place where they work, play and reside. On top of that, Entourage intends to give each and every Point Breeze Park and Field a deserved online presence, raising awareness to their location and offerings. Entourage Elite aims to bring their community based real estate services to all the communities that will have them all over Philadelphia if given the opportunity. Examples:

EE LOVES Community Outreach Intended Programs & Contributions:

• EE LOVES Philly (Name of Blanket “Give Back” Division) – Community Programs, Fundraising & Outreach
• EE LOVES The Schools (Teach Free student courses not offered in schools about the environment, real estate, credit, etc., hold fundraising, events.)
• EE LOVES The Arts & Fashion – (Supporting the children of Philadelphia in Art & Fashion, EE LOVES Apparel Design Submissions with prizes/recognition to winners & proceeds to local public schools.)
• EE LOVES The Environment – (Encouraging the GREEN Movement through Real Estate Services, Local Street & Park Clean Up, Garden Adoption, etc.)
• EE LOVES The Community – (Courtesy Community Outreach Seminar Series)

Monthly Community Outreach Seminar Series Examples:

• The Signs you’re “being played” by a potential Buyer and/or Investor
• The Steps to New Home Construction
• I’m Ready to Sell – What’s my Best Option?
• Effects of Building & Market Trends on the Environment
• City Planning & Involvement: How to Make a Difference
• Best Tax Practices
• How to Improve your Credit ASAP
• How to Navigate the Mortgage Process
• How to Navigate the Home Buying Process
• How to Navigate the Home Selling Process
• How to Retire on Real Estate
• Taking Advantage of Local, State & National Grant & Incentive Programs

The Entourage Elite GreenSmart Builders quest for “Point Breeze Equalization Initiative.”

With years of construction, building and development experience under their belts, as well as a plethora of highly motivated, reputable partners, Entourage Elite’s GreenSmart Builders intends to utilize any opportunity provided to encourage a “pure” form of communal integration, with residents with lower income, the working class, and the middle and upper classes living amongst one another with no noticeable outward differences based on their homes. Many ideas have come to the surface, including rehabbing residential homes to match the appearance of the new construction homes on the same blocks; building new construction homes at different price points to cater to each fiscal sector with the same outward appearance ensuring no-one is “set apart” from the others; and building a higher than normally expected amount of low income and working class income homes as opposed to focusing solely on turning large profits from those with outside jobs that support a higher price tag.